2 Rwanda tech startups bank funding from Kigali-based Norrsken Foundation

2 Rwanda tech startups bank funding from Kigali-based Norrsken Foundation

Rwandan tech startups PesaChoice and Viebeg have raised undisclosed amounts of seed funds from the Kigali-based Norrsken Foundation.

The Norrsken Foundation was founded by Niklas Adalberth in 2016; the firm aims at helping founders solve the world’s greatest challenges. The firm is now less than one month away from the opening of its Norrsken House co-working space in Kigali.

PesaChoice was founded in 2014 by Davis Nteziryayo, Odilon K. Senyana and Pacifique Mahoro. PesaChoice is a mobile bill payment company that offers international bill payment services. The company also offers an API that third-party companies and partners can leverage to provide various payment solutions that fit their businesses.

Viebeg was founded in 2018 by Tobias Reiter, transforming the way medical products are bought and sold, advancing the 4th industrial revolution in the developing world.

The e-health startup is ensuring that all healthcare facilities always have the right type and quantities of product in stock to treat patients. Its software is used by over 230 hospitals across Rwanda, Burundi, and Congo.

“Our vision for PesaChoice is to make an impact through providing access to finance. We are proud to be part of the Norrsken family because of our shared vision for Kigali’s future as a startup hub,” said Davis Davis Nteziryayo, chief executive officer (CEO) and co-founder of PesaChoice, which also plans to relocate its operations to Norrsken House Kigali once the house opens.

“Norrsken’s investment is going to help our company build predictive analytics models that improve health care in the region with local talents. We are excited to be part of the fast-growing, thriving tech environment in Kigali, which Norrsken is accelerating,” said Tobias Reiter, CEO, and founder of Viebeg Technologies.

“We are committed to building a thriving ecosystem for East Africa startups, with Norrsken House in Kigali as the epicenter. These investments are part of that commitment. We believe Kigali has a bright future ahead as one of Africa’s leading hubs for entrepreneurs, and we want to help accelerate that journey,” said Pascal Murasira, managing director of Norrsken East Africa.