2022 Q3 Kicks Off With Multiple Training and Fellowship For Women Interested in Tech

2022 Q3 Kicks Off With Multiple Training and Fellowship For Women Interested in Tech

It was such a buzz when the English Premier League (EPL) kicked off on the 5th of August 2022. The excitement streams out of every man who loves football, you see them share posts about it on social media and talk about it in gatherings, now the Tv is theirs for the season.

This is the same excitement that women and girls in tech deserve to feel this season. There are several international and local fellowships and training programs organized for the female gender during the 2022 Q3 that women should get excited for.

Kicking off the third quarter (Q3) of 2022, the female ecosystem in technology has put together various programs for African women. These programs are designed to introduce to, enhance and support women in technology. A few of them have started, while a few of them are still calling for participants.


HerMeNow. Source: HerMeNow
HerMeNow. Source: HerMeNow

This is a woman-developed social initiative targeted at educating and enhancing African women and MENA in technology, through an accelerator program.

The program which will run for three (3) months is entirely remote. The program is designed to train thirty (30) women-led social initiative startups on technical, and financial practice in its sprint phase while offering mentorship to10 women-led start-ups in the accelerator phase.

The selected mentees will also receive funding grants, training support, and an invitation to a social entrepreneurship festival taking place in Tuscany, Italy. The ladies also will also benefit from the networking generated from the program.

To qualify, ladies are to come up with impactful ideas that are majorly derived from technology and enterprise and can positively affect education, culture and mindset, producing instantaneous change. Ideas should revolve around the SDG goals.

Application closes on the 16th of August 2022, while the program commences during the month of October.

Women Techsters

Women Techster. Source: Techsters Facebook
Women Techster. Source: Techsters Facebook

The Women Techster is a BootCamp for women in technology or about to join the tech ecosystem. The BootCamp has already picked its participants. Selecting a total of fourteen Thousand, Five Hundred and Nine (14,509) applicants were selected from various African nations.The fellowship is being offered for Free. It is programmed to be an experimental process of teaching in technology, which should result in an upskill for young girls and women within the 16 to 40 age bracket across 16 countries on the continent.Participants will be taking partial virtual classes in the first six months of a year’s program. Courses such as Mobile Development, Software Development, Product Design, Product Management, Cybersecurity, Data Science/ Artificial Intelligence Engineering, Blockchain, and Mixed Reality/3D will be taught.Although the program already commenced, it is designed to take a year. Interested candidates who missed out on the training in 2022, should look out for the April/March window next year to apply.

Afro Tech Girls

Afro Tech Girls. Source:: facebook
Afro Tech Girls. Source: facebook

The Afro Girls Tech, ATG, is a charitable organization, established to increase female participation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

To accomplish this, ATG initiates a boot camp every year to train Nigerian girls in STEM, this is meant to empower young girls, adding value to their educational and career growth.

The ATG is programmed to hold for two weeks, the mission is to impact as many girls as possible. Interested candidates can apply now.

She Hacks Africa

She Hacks Africa. Source: Facebook
She Hacks Africa. Source: Facebook

This is a fully practical BootCamp, designed to teach women/girls how to code. It is projected has developing self-confidence in women and girls across Africa.The BootCamp with guide women on how to get started in the technology industry, which will increase their employability, leadership, entrepreneurship, and productivity skills.Courses on UI/UX design, AI, website development and hosting and mobile app development. It is an intensive four weeks of training.Application for the 2022 BootCamp is still ongoing.