Absolute Pets Launches Go Fetch Service to Drive Pet Adoption in Africa

Absolute Pets Launches Go Fetch Service to Drive Pet Adoption in Africa

The pet care industry is driven by the demand for companionship, which is also increasing the adoption rate of pets. In the African pet care industry, pet adoption rates are rising as the continent’s economic growth rate remains rapid. Thanks to technological advancements, owners now have easy access to training facilities, grooming services, and accessories. South African pet owners/lovers can now also enjoy an added luxury from Absolute Pets after the startup launched its Go Fetch service.

The new e-commerce platform from Absolute Pet enables customers to order pet supplies online and have them delivered in under an hour. According to the startup, the new “Go Fetch!” service is a first for the nation’s pet industry. Customers who have delivery addresses within a five-kilometer radius of a few Absolute Pets locations can now use its brand-new shopping app and delivery service.

Stephan Warner, CEO of Absolute Pets, said that as time goes on, more suburbs around the nation will be included to the program. He added that the startup takes great pride in putting the needs of clients and their pets as priority. Warner continued that the need for customers to be able to obtain high-quality, veterinarian-approved supplies for their pets and have them delivered as soon as possible will be met by Go Fetch.

Go Fetch complements the extensive online service provided by Absolute Pets. The company already offers free delivery on orders over R500, click-and-collect options, and an auto-order service that lets customers schedule their shopping and have them delivered automatically at predetermined intervals.

At the moment, there are over 130 Absolute Pets locations in prominent malls in South Africa. Absolute Pets features everything a pet owner might possibly need to maintain their pets’ happiness and health on a daily basis, including luxury pet food, fashionable accessories, and professional guidance on grooming and veterinary care.

According to Market Research, despite being the smallest market, Middle East and Africa posted strong growth over recent years. The research also showed that Africa’ pet market is untapped. However, increasing acceptance and adoption of dogs as pets is expected to significantly expand the size of the dog population over the forecast period.

According to the report, “Middle East & Africa Pet Food Market Overview, 2022-2027” published by Bonafide Research, the market is anticipated to expand with more than 7.5% CAGR for 2022-2027. The food products in the market that ensure enough nutrition and mineral for the healthy growth of pets and development are available as dry food, wet food, snack, and treats. After the new service launch, Absolute Pets will be looking to establish itself across South Africa to drive Africa’s pet adoption market.