Accelerate TV Launches Video Streaming Application Dubbed Accelerate Plus

Accelerate TV Launches Video Streaming Application Dubbed Accelerate Plus

Lagos-based digital television, Accelerate TV, has launched its video-on-demand streaming platform, Accelerate Plus, to provide viewers with entertainment content without being restricted to time or location, yet promised to be affordable.

The streaming platform is created to be the pacesetter in evolving the African storytelling narrative. The platform is also meant to spotlight Africa’s best creative motion picture. This launching puts Accelerate on the list of organizations that provides streaming access to African content.

Accelerate Plus is now available in all Fifty-Four (54) African countries and parts of Europe, this is according to reports. It is also described as a family-friendly platform, which makes come of its contents safe for underaged children.

Founded in 2016, Accelerate Tv launches its latest platform Six years after actively being a channel through which native, accurate and various stories are told the way Africans want them to be told and by Africans.

The Netflix-like platform plans to give its subscribers access to view content that can only be accessed on Accelerate TV. With its experience in producing award-winning short movies, it is rather convincing that the company can stand the competition (s).

Accelerate’s CEO, Colette Otusheso, addressed the event in a social media post.“Accelerate Plus is more than a platform for African content for us. It serves as a catalyst for highlighting and promoting an undiluted African narrative in the face of global misconceptions. For this purpose, we have taken deliberate steps to curate authentic and exciting content for Africa by Africans, as well as to create a portal for the rest of the world to access premium African content from anywhere in the world,”

The launched application comes with a subscription plan of N2,100 ($4.99) for subscribers outside Nigeria, and from N100 ($0.23) to N500 ($1.18) for subscribers outside Nigeria.