Africa Data Centres Launches Continent's Largest-ever Data Centre

Africa Data Centres Launches Continent's Largest-ever Data Centre

The only pan-African network of innovators and tech marketplace, Africa Data Centers, has completed its new Johannesburg data center, based in its Midrand Campus.

The facility which the company claims to be the largest in Africa and designed with the latest global standards is said to be the location for technology companies and enterprises to secure IT infrastructure in an interconnected environment.

The creation of the facility is a result of the company’s aim to bridge the availability of the data centers gap for African businesses.

Stephane Duproz, CEO of Africa Data Centres speaking on the launch said: “We are thrilled to be able to deliver to our existing and future customers the most modern data center in Johannesburg. We are happy to be a partner in our customers’ growth by delivering capacity in this facility immediately.

“This investment demonstrates Africa Data Centres confidence in the South African economy and digital development,” said Stephane.

The Africa Data Centres has also announced its plans to build 10 additional data centers in new countries and to significantly expand its data center footprint by more than twice its current capacity across Africa.

This data center project will see the firm build 10 hyper-scale data centers, in the North African countries of Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt, over the next two years which is valued at a cost of more than $500m.

The projects are been funded by new equity and facilities from leading development finance institutions and multilateral organizations.