African Startups Win Migration Entrepreneurship Prize

African Startups Win Migration Entrepreneurship Prize

The Migration Entrepreneurship Prize 2022 had 20 winners which included startups from Nigerian Ghana, Ethiopia and Tunisia. The was specifically awarded, especially to startups whose initiative is meant to boost migrants’ incorporation in the Middle East and Africa.

The Peace and Human Rights Division of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) and Seedstars made a collaboration for The Migration Prize, which makes it a public-private award, The award is meant to support and strengthen the regions that are more capable of weighty migration movements, like the Middle East and Africa.

The award launched its second cohort in other to address the success of the first cohort, which had 20 startups as winners. The startups were chosen from different sectors, in education, financial services, health and other areas.

The cohort is in search of businesses that are socially conscious and are determined to support the socioeconomic inclusion of migrants.

The list of startups from Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia, and Tunisia are among the 20 new winners can be found here.

According to Jana Röthlisberger, program manager at the FDFA,  “We are interested in learning how successful firms will provide immigrants with a chance to work and make a life.”

He further explained that “entrepreneurship by, with, and for migrants has a significant potential to enhance lives in countries of origin, transit, and destination.”

The winners will get the opportunity to access the Seedstars network of mentors, partners and investors, this also includes participation in the Seedstars Investments Programmes.