African Tech Companies Fight COVID-19 In Kenya Through Safe Hands Alliance.

African Tech Companies Fight COVID-19 In Kenya Through Safe Hands Alliance.

The coronavirus, which has hit the world in all aspects, and has not excluded Kenya.

In Kenya, the story has not changed as they also believed that the virus can be conquered if the fight it as a nation. In doing so, an alliance organization known as the ‘Safe Hands Kenya’, has embarked on a nationwide public health campaign to create awareness of the deadly virus.

The safe hands Kenya is a body which comprises of several firms from the Kenyan technological sector. The organizations involved are, Twiga, Koko Network, Jumia, Ushahidi, Copia, Lynk, M-KOPa.

These groups of bodies which formed the safe hands Kenya will engage in a campaign and distribute sanitizers, face mask, soaps, surface disinfectants as well as trying their best on the aspect of sanitation as well. They believed with their effort, coronavirus will be defeated instead of them watch the government fight it alone.

Though the government has placed measures like social distancing, observing the necessary measures to avoid the spread of the virus, it is difficult for citizens to abide by the instructions of the government.

So to make the fight of the virus quite improving, all citizens must play a role as well as organizational bodies as well. And one of the ways one could help fight this deadly virus is going by the method the group safe hands Kenya is doing (provision of soaps, sanitizers, masks) to the citizens to prevent the spread of the diseases in Kenya. The group made it clear that this initiative is not for any profitable gains and their main aim is to protect the citizens.

Commenting on the development, the CEO of safe hands Kenya Andrew Waititu, stated that, for them, their focus is on their country Kenya but they also hope others in different countries will pay heed to their effort and do so to help their countries as well.

He also added that the only way to combat this situation is by rapid mass sanitation of hands, surface, and use of masks in Kenya and all helping hands are welcome since they are intended to provide their services as long as the people of Kenya will need them.

“Rapid mass sanitation of hands and surfaces combined with adoption of masks is a pragmatic and scalable strategy in the Kenyan context. Whilst our initial focus is on Kenya, we are developing an actionable blueprint for other countries facing similar challenges so they can adapt our ways to their context and accelerate speed to market,”

“We intend to scale and sustain Safe Hands Kenya’s operations for as long as they are needed, and we welcome additional funding and capability partners who can accelerate the impact of our approach.”