AfyaRekod Launches Universal Patient Portal

AfyaRekod Launches Universal Patient Portal

Digital health platform, AfyaRekod, has launched a Universal Patient Portal, which is fully automated and developed on blockchain technology.

The Kenyan-based health-tech start-up developed the unified platform to give patients and medical personnel attending to them instant access to their complied health data and medical history for optimum healthcare.

The platform is not only productive for ongoing medical treatment but also necessary to provide essential information during an emergency.

AfyaRekod was founded in 2019 by Jon Kamara, initially as a Lab start-up. It got its pressed funding from Mac Venture Capital, after which Chymia also invested.

John revealed to sources that he had once witnessed the effects of incomplete medical records or consistent data when he lost his friend who received the wrong medical treatment during an emergency.

The tragic event brought about the development of an Artificial intelligence platrom that can track  and store records of health data, therefore providing patient’s health track record anywhere anytime. Through AfyaRekod, medical professional can quick get information about patients previous or current health challenge and detect any underlining health diseases through updated health record.

The integration of the Universal Patient Portal, provides a block chain solution with a  combined mobile data, becoming an health identification tool, of which patients have consistent access to. Likewise a marketplace where different health service are offered and accessed instantly.

Although anyone can access to AfyaRekod, it is more useful for those who face  immedicable health challenges, and those with a special health status.

According to John Karama ” The tool now allows patients to create a portal with all their health data and most importantly gives patients sovereign rights of ownership of their data. The patient logs in and sees all their information, from every healthcare provider they have interacted with. The power of patients owning their health records and having real-time access to their information is lifesaving, and it is their right to have access to it,”.