Agritech Activities; Combating Food Insecurity In UAE

Agritech Activities; Combating Food Insecurity In UAE

Agritech Activities; Combating Food Insecurity In UAE

Over the years the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a nation have scaled in a different facet of its community. Its security, infrastructure and technology innovations are one of the best in the world. Yet, it is pulling baby steps in its agricultural sector. As of the latest research by Deep Knowledge Analytics in 2022, The country still imports 80-90% of its consumables.

Although compared to the late 70s the nation has invested more in the agricultural sector. The nation now has about 30,000 farms compared to 4,000 farms in the 1970s. Known for providing top-notch services and initiatives as a nation, UAE is trying to provide a better future for agriculture even with technology.  The MENA nation now donates about 16,000 of its 49,000 hectares of land to agriculture. Still, this is not enough to feed its growing population.

The problem in this sector is not neglect or lack of financial resources to boost it but its geographical location. UAE is located in a region that experiences high temperatures, very low rainfall, poor soil quality, heatwaves and little arable land. Most of these situations can be beyond human effort.

In 2021, technology-supported innovations (startups and companies) within the UAE received $50 billion in investment 11% went into agriculture. The current state of the nation’s agricultural sector creates a scalable environment for any Agritech with good innovations.

Agritech In UAE

While the Dubai government on its own is putting in the tangible effort to improve smart farming, There are a reasonable amount of agritech startups trying to combat food insecurity. In fact, there are a few of them whose innovations have gained traction within and outside the UAE. Of the 48 startups in UAE, the following 3 innovations have scaled within the UAE’s agritech ecosystem.

Pure Harvest Smart Farms

Pure Harvest Smart Farms is a leading agritech startup based in the UAE. The company is dedicated to providing sustainable and innovative solutions to the agricultural industry. Pure Harvest Smart Farms is revolutionizing the way food is grown and distributed, using advanced technology and sustainable practices such as controlled-environment agriculture technologies.

The company’s innovative approach to agriculture via growing crops in smart greenhouses has earned its recognition as one of the most progressive agritech companies in the region. Pure Harvest Smart Farms has developed a range of services that provide farmers with access to the latest technologies and practices. These include a comprehensive range of data-driven solutions, such as precision agriculture, digital farming, and crop monitoring. This technology helps farmers to maximize the yield of their crops and reduce their environmental impact.

Pure Harvest Smart Farms was founded in 2016 by Sky Kurtz. Since then it has received significant funding from investors, including the UAE government, to further develop its services and expand its operations. The company is also working with a number of partners to ensure that its solutions are accessible to farmers in the region. In recent news the startup revealed its intention to launch into the Asian market, Singapore to be precise.

With its innovative approach to agriculture, Pure Harvest Smart Farms is helping to ensure a more sustainable and secure future for farmers in the UAE.

Madar Farms

Madar Farms Agritech is a new agricultural technology company in the United Arab Emirates, launched in 2020. The company is focused on providing innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the agricultural industry in the region. Their mission is to make farming easier, more efficient, and more profitable for farmers in the region.

The Agritech startup provides a wide range of services, from precision agriculture and crop monitoring to soil analysis and water management. They also offer a variety of tech solutions, such as Controlled Environment Agriculture, Hydroponics, and Vertical Farming to help farmers better manage their crops.

In addition to their services, Madar Farms Agritech is also focused on developing innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the agricultural industry. For example, they have developed a mobile app that provides farmers with real-time data on soil conditions, crop health, and water levels. This app helps farmers make more informed decisions about their crops and helps them increase their yields. According to Crunchbase, the startup secured an undisclosed amount in funding in 2020.

Krispr Farms

Krispr Farms is a vertical farming startup based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Founded in 2020 by entrepreneur and innovator, CEO Khadija Hasan., Krispr Farms has quickly become a leader in the vertical farming industry.

Krispr Farms utilizes a variety of innovative technologies to grow fresh, organic produce in a fraction of the time and space of traditional farming. Their patented hydroponic grow systems allow them to produce high-quality fruits and vegetables in a fraction of the time and space of traditional farming.

Krispr Farms also offers a variety of services to help customers maximize their vertical farming operations. These include consulting, training, and maintenance services. In addition, they have also raised significant funds, although the amount is undisclosed, to help them further develop their technology and expand their operations.

Governmental Tech Initiative in Agriculture.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government have adopted a number of tech initiatives in agriculture to curb insecurity. One of the most prominent initiatives is the National Food Security Strategy a vision for 2051. Another initiative includes is its Smart farming practices. According to Mariam AlMheiri, the UAE Minister of Climate Change and Environment and Minister of State for Food Security, ‘Smart farming is the way forward to achieving food security.”

In addition, the government is investing in the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to improve crop yields and reduce water consumption. By investing in these technologies, the UAE government is aiming to increase agricultural productivity, reduce food waste, and ensure food security for its citizens.