ALL Nigerian Winners Announced AT Mara Foundation 2022 "Hack the Mara" Hackathon

ALL Nigerian Winners Announced AT Mara Foundation 2022 "Hack the Mara" Hackathon

Mara Foundation, an entrepreneurial philanthropy platform, that provides access to startups with access to international business leaders and mentors, has announced the winners of its 2022 “Hack the Mara” hackathon.

Three teams were recognized and awarded. According to reports, their proposal was the most viable with the potential to promote long-term social. beneficial and environmental evolution especially within Maasai Mara and across the African continent.

African Web3 developers and innovators are celebrated through Mara Hackathon and they are recognized for actively seeking solutions to challenges related to tracking last-mile payment, likewise ways to enhance the financial viability of ongoing trending projects at Mara for developed lives.

A proposal was submitted by each winner and participated in a physical hackathon for one week, the hackathon was held at the Maasai Mara in Kenya. Their solutions’ prototypes were built at the location.

Low-tech payment confirmation tools such as MPESA and USSD were creatively incorporated by the winners, likewise attaching best practices to the creation such as KYC/AML policies. The winning teams maximized their access to developed tools not limited to the mentioned to build solutions that can be tagged as breakthroughs in the ecosystem.

The winning teams consist of Nigerians only which include;

Team Masterminds (Nigeria)

This team focused on building an effective blockchain resolution in Web3. consisting of engineers, it built a funding tool with the use of blockchain with NFTs to provide Maasai rangers, land owners, and conservancies with a means of livelihood.

Making up the team were three individuals; Babatunde Ayoade, Olusegun Abisagbo and Patience Adajah, each holding different responsibilities in the team.

Team Blocverse (Nigeria)

The Blocverse team were on an assignment to push for the adoption of blockchain in Africa via the creation of constantly used tools with Web3 technologies. Consisting of developers, the team created a solution that assists to be more viable and at the same time, being able to give back to nature.

The team has important tasks and responsibilities held by Toochukwu Okoro, Joshua Avoaja and Teresa Amanwachi.

Team AfroLabs (Nigeria)

With a growing interest in the construction of Web3 solutions, developing the African continent and sustaining culture, the Afrolab team developed a fee acceptance solution to enable the Maasai Mara community receive direct payment from anywhere into their accounts. This way the landlords can instantly receive payment while preserving the wildlife.