Amazon Egypt Rolls Out Intellectual Property Accelerator Program in Egypt

Amazon Egypt Rolls Out Intellectual Property Accelerator Program in Egypt

Amazon Egypt has announced the launch of its Intellectual Property (IP) Accelerator program in Egypt, which will allow small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to seamlessly obtain trademarks at a reduced cost to protect their brands, and deal with infringing goods on Amazon EG.

The IP Accelerator connects SMB owners in Egypt with a curated network of local law firms charging reduced, pre-negotiated rates on key services, providing SMBs with access to expert legal and general IP advice.

Speaking on the new feature, Ahmed El-Sobky, Head of Amazon Egypt Marketplace, said “At Amazon, we are committed to supporting sellers of all sizes, innovating and introducing new resources to help them confidently grow their business online and continue to connect with millions of customers. Today, we are excited to launch the IP Accelerator program, another tool that will help businesses unlock their potential, protect their brands, and gain customer trust. We are equally thrilled to launch this new program as sellers prepare to delight customers during the end-of-year shopping season, which includes White Friday.”

How Egyptian startups will benefit

The expansion of Egypt’s IP Accelerator program will allow businesses to connect with law firms and register a trademark with Egypt’s Internal Trade Development Authority.

In Egypt, the participating law firms are NJQ & Associates, Al-Otaishan Intellectual Property & Technology, Eldib & Co, and Hazim Almadani.

Also commenting on the launch, one of the partnering law firms, Dina Eldib, Head of Intellectual Property at Eldib & Co, said “Intellectual Property is now at the forefront of Egypt’s economic agenda, through the introduction of the new IP strategy and the GOEIC requirements. This partnership is a meaningful one for us as it allows us to focus on the young market players and walk them through the prosecution processes needed to protect their brands and innovations.”

Last week, Amazon EG announced the launch of its “Support Egyptian Products” storefront at the Turathna Exhibition for Heritage and Handicrafts, which was organized by Egypt’s Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Development Agency (MSMEDA) and inaugurated by Egypt’s Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly.

The Support Egyptian Products storefront curates tens of thousands of Egyptian products sold on Amazon EG, making it easier for millions of Egyptian customers to find products from Egyptian SMBs.