Amoo’s GridCode for Nigerians and Businesses

How precise do you think direction can be? Imagine going somewhere you’ve never been, and having precise direction at your reach. With your mobile phone and this 42mb application called GridCode, you can get a precise description of the direction any intended destination in Nigeria. GridCode was invented in 2016 by Adefola Amoo (Rtd), popularly referred to as Squadron Leader in Bayelsa state.According to Amoo, the GridCode is intended to solve major infrastructure issues in Nigeria. Based in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Amoo said having observed that there were no street numbers for virtually every house in Yenagoa, he knew there was a major problem, which he decided to solve with his GridCode.The GridCode tech has a 4IR system that provides assurance of accurate navigation from anywhere in the world to addresses, anywhere in the world.
The GridCode digital addressing technology is delivered to the end user as soon as it is generated and sent to him. The app allows a user (User 1) generate a code that is particular to his location and sends it to another user (User 2) via the app. User 2 uses the code to get the precise location of User 1. The tech leverages Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to provide users an address that makes it easy to navigate to homes, offices, social gatherings, places of entertainment and trade even if such places have no physical addresses using a very accurate and reliable system that is error free.

Fig. 2: interface of generated codes on the GridCode appThis tech will drive commerce in any economy in the world. It comes in handy for lots of businesses and individuals. Clients can add their GridCode when placing delivery orders, and enable deliveries to be carried out with ease. GridCode can be added in invitation cards and guests enable guests easily get direction to the venue using the GridCode app. Rather than search through your acre(s) of land for the land’s border pillar each time you go to inspect it, you can generate a GridCode for it and locate it with ease the next time you visit. You can avoid the stress it takes to locate your parents when they visit your school for your matriculations or convocation, all they have to do is generate a GridCode and send it to you and you can easily locate them. The importance of the GridCode tech is endless in commerce and in the economy.