Morocco’s Startup, Aza Petrosolutions Secures $296K For Its Oil Distribution Solutions

Morocco’s Startup, Aza Petrosolutions Secures $296K For Its Oil Distribution Solutions

Aza Petrosolutions, a Moroccan startup (formerly known as Aza Petroleum) has secured $296,000 funding from Maroc Numeric Fund II. The startup will utilize the funds to scale its offerings by designing more technological solutions and producing more smart and connected products for the oil distribution business in the North African country.

Founded by Zakaria Azemzi, Fatima Ezzahra Azemzi, and Abdelaziz Elaiachi in 2020. Aza’s solutions provide its clients with a full monitoring solution, allowing them to eliminate old methods of reconciliation. it also offers an automated system for managing refueling and distribution operations and the introduction of mobile payment at service stations.

This is Maroc Numeric Fund II’s sixth investment and the management team’s 23rd investment, taking into consideration the investments made by Maroc Numeric Fund I, which is currently in the divestment phase.

Commenting on the round, Dounia Boumehdi, Managing Director of MITC Capital, the fund’s manager, said “We are delighted to assist Aza Petrosolutions in its growth. We were drawn in by the team’s quality and complementarity, as well as the ideas they have developed to solve actual digitalization needs in the oil distribution business.”

Since 2010, Maroc Numeric Fund has been the benchmark investment fund in technology startups. The expertise accumulated by its management team has led to the emergence of several success stories from the Moroccan tech startup ecosystem. More than just a financial lever, Maroc Numeric Fund is a real accelerator for high-potential start-ups. It acts as an active shareholder by providing the companies in its portfolio, in addition to the investment, with advice and monitoring for its managers, while sitting on their corporate boards.