B.TECH Launches “b_labs”, a Hub for the Egyptian Tech Talents

B.TECH Launches “b_labs”, a Hub for the Egyptian Tech Talents

B.TECH, Egypt’s leading integrated omnichannel retailer and consumer finance platform, has officially launched “b labs,” a technology hub that will serve as B.TECH’s transformation and digitization engine. According to the firm’s statement, b labs is intended to serve a wide range of business verticals such as retail, e-commerce, fintech, logistics, b2b, distribution, and many others.

b labs is looking for skilled tech talents who are eager to learn and build disruptive and transformative technologies to bridge the gap in the local labor market and offer innovative solutions and services to its customers while providing a competitive workplace that meets the aspirations of qualified tech talents.

Explaining the need that the hub will satisfy, Mohamed Khattab, Executive Vice President (EVP) of b_labs & Digital Commerce at B. TECH said “The labor market has been witnessing drastic shifts in job hunting criteria and what defines an attractive job opportunity for talents factoring in community values, purpose, personal development, and growth potential to name a few. By introducing b_labs, we aspire to provide the much-needed workplace culture that serves our brand and the technological advancements it seeks as we continue our growth trajectory while fulfilling the needs and aspirations of our employees and providing them with a world-class workplace in Egypt.”

Khattab further said “We are looking for entrepreneurs who can take ownership and perform within dynamic settings to join us on our journey. Therefore, at b_labs, we foster an environment that celebrates curiosity, creativity, diversity, and authenticity.”

What you should know about ‘b labs’

The b labs model is based on knowledge sharing to improve the skills and knowledge of its team members while also contributing to the company’s values. With a strong investment plan in technology, b labs intends to extend its knowledge-sharing model beyond B.TECH as a group to benefit the entire business community through knowledge-sharing sessions, community events, showcasing the latest technological advancements achieved, and the soon-to-be-launched Academy.

In 1997, B.TECH began operations in the local market. Since then, the company has pursued an ambitious growth strategy to expand its network of branches across the country, scale its e-commerce business, introduce new business verticals, and maximize its digitalization efforts to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

This comes on the heels of the Saudi Egyptian Investment Company (SEIC), a subsidiary of the Saudi Public Investment Fund, acquiring a 34% stake in a $150 million deal from B.TECH earlier this month as the Saudi Public Investment Fund looks to expand in Egypt.