Bboxx Partners With Ampersand To Make E-Motors Available for Uganda Riders

Bboxx Partners With Ampersand To Make E-Motors Available for Uganda Riders

A super platform that provides access to essential services and products, Bboxx, has partnered with Ampersand, an E-mobility platform focused on providing sustainable solutions for transportation across East Africa.

This partnership is meant to see to Ampersand’s expansion plan especially that of its e-mobility strategy in Rwanda.

Recently there was successful plan initiation in Rwanda, now this plan will be fully launched in Kigali, Rwanda, a city considered to be the greenest city in Africa.

The launching will see to the provision of thousands of e-motors (electric motorcycles), which will be made available to bike riders in the country, in the coming months and over the coming years.

The financial provision of this plan (e-motors) will be made available by Bboxx, via its special assets financing AI platform, likewise through its mobile money payment system, overseen by Bboxx’s Pulse.  This service has been fully integrated into the OS that facilitates Bboxx’s business operations. In return, Ampersand will be making e-motors and battery swaps available.

This collaboration will impact Rwanda extensively as the country plans to reduce the emissions of about 4.7million tonnes of CO2 by 2030. This will enable the country become a carbon-neutral economy by 2050.

Already, taxis are know to be the second biggest emitter of C02, about 32% of emissions is from this source. The collaboration has partners with long term plans to deliver e-motors in millions to nation’s across Africa, which make clean mobility available, likewise accessible to all in Africa.