Be Mobile Africa Rolls Out EUR & USD Accounts for African businesses

Be Mobile Africa Rolls Out EUR & USD Accounts for African businesses

A new multi-currency business banking platform from Be Mobile Africa has been made available to African businesses. Customers will be able to apply for and open USD and EUR business accounts using the platform within 48 hours without having to physically visit a bank office.

Be Mobile promised to make banking available to the unbanked and underbanked in South Africa when it launched last month. The new solution from Neobank will give companies a simple method to manage their funds and grow into new markets.

Speaking about the product launch, Dr. Cédric Jeannot, CEO of Be Mobile Africa, said that the company is committed to helping African businesses grow and compete in the global market.

“The biggest benefit we see here is the ability for businesses to access EUR and USD accounts. Offering our customers, the opportunity to transact in these currencies removes one of the biggest barriers to doing business on the continent,” he added.

Businesses will find it easier to manage their finances and diversify with the aid of the neobank’s new service. In addition to the ZAR, USD, and EUR, businesses will be able to hold, send, and receive money in a variety of rising African market currencies. Customers will be able to apply for and open business accounts on the website in 48 hours in USD and EUR without having to go to a real bank location.

Business customers will also be able to benefit from flexible real-time transactions in a range of currencies through preferred payment gateways such local EFT in South Africa, SWIFT, and SEPA, according to a news release from Be Mobile Africa.

Be Mobile Africa’s app — available for Android and iOS devices — features an electronic FICA process, automatically authenticating and verifying users in real-time during signup. The platform is currently available in 30 countries across the continent, and it has plans to expand to additional markets and launch its business offering soon.