Bolt Nigeria Launches the First Ride-Hailing Inter-City Service, Offers 20% Discount

Bolt Nigeria Launches the First Ride-Hailing Inter-City Service, Offers 20% Discount

Bolt Nigeria, a leading ride-hailing platform, has launched the country’s first ride-hailing inter-city category to expand its comfort-focused service offering for inter-city riders.

The company said in a statement released on Wednesday that the inter-city category on Bolt offers fast and convenient rides and that this service was launched in response to its desire to connect cities and transport people conveniently, as an extension of its intra-city offering.

This service, however, is currently available for the Lagos-Ibadan and Owerri-Port Harcourt routes and is accessible via the mobile platform, allowing users to conveniently book trips to and from these cities.

This new service is offering a 20% discount on all intercity travel, valid for up to NGN 5,000 per ride, to promote its accessibility and affordability.

With the holiday season approaching, Nigerians can take advantage of the inter-city service to visit family and friends in these cities where it is available.

At the touch of a button, riders can enjoy safe, fast, and comfortable rides. Bolt’s inter-city category demonstrates its commitment to providing excellent service by simplifying city-to-city transportation.

Bolt, the leading European super-app, was founded in 20113 to increase the affordability, security, and sustainability of urban mobility. The company has over 100 million clients spread across 45 African and European countries, offering a variety of mobility services such as food and grocery delivery, ride-hailing, and shared vehicles such as scooters and autos.

Bolt Nigeria has revolutionized the mobility market since its inception, with cutting-edge and distinctive services that improve passenger mobility and provide job opportunities for Africans.

In Nigeria, the services have reached 22 states and are on their way to covering the entire country.

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How to Use the Bolt Nigeria Intercity Trip Service

The service has been simplified to the point where it is nearly identical to the intra-city service. The only difference is that, while the inter-city service is available every day, it operates only from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Riders can request an inter-city ride in the same way they request an intra-city ride by entering their destination on the platform, verifying their pick-up location, and then clicking on request. This will connect them to a nearby driver. The intercity service also has backup vehicles available to ensure there are no delays.

Nigerians can use this service to visit friends, especially as the holiday season approaches. By making inter-city travel easier, Bolt’s commitment to providing excellent services is strengthened.

Bolt appears to be reaffirming its position as the leading platform in Nigeria’s ride-hailing industry with its innovative offering. The company’s top priority has always been to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction while providing a service that is both safe and reasonably priced.