​Bolt Rolls Out Scheduled Rides Option

​Bolt Rolls Out Scheduled Rides Option

Bolt, the ride-hailing giant is rolling out a new feature, 'Scheduled Rides', allowing riders to book trips up to 72 hours in advance. This move aims to provide both passengers and drivers with added convenience and flexibility. It is worthy of note that the concept of advanced booking isn't entirely new in the ride-hailing industry, with Uber having introduced a similar option in 2019.

Scheduled Rides offer several noteworthy benefits to riders. Firstly, it allows passengers to plan their journeys ahead of time, alleviating the stress of last-minute arrangements. Additionally, the feature eliminates concerns about driver availability during peak hours, ensuring a smoother experience for riders.

Drivers, too, stand to gain from this initiative. By accommodating scheduled trips, drivers can better manage their time and resources, resulting in improved efficiency. Customers are required to pay extra charges for utilizing the Scheduled Rides feature, which not only compensates drivers for their availability but also contributes to a larger pool of drivers ready to serve passengers.

A distinctive aspect of this new service is the absence of surge pricing. With no unexpected price hikes, riders can confidently book trips without worrying about fluctuations in costs. This feature aligns with Bolt's commitment to providing transparent and consistent pricing to its customers.

The Scheduled Rides feature caters to the needs of both personal and business users. Business customers can utilize the Ride Booker option through their Bolt Business accounts, allowing them to reserve rides for themselves and their colleagues. This integration of business travel needs highlights Bolt's efforts to cater to a diverse range of users.

Customization and punctuality are also at the forefront of this feature. Riders have the freedom to select their preferred ride category and provide specific instructions to drivers, tailoring each journey to their unique requirements. Furthermore, Scheduled Rides emphasizes punctuality, ensuring that drivers arrive promptly at the scheduled pickup time.

Yahaya Muhammed, the Country Manager for Bolt Nigeria, expressed the company's commitment to enhancing the passenger experience through Scheduled Rides. Muhammed emphasized as a business, we value our consumers’ feedback, and as such we are happy to introduce the Scheduled Rides feature, marking yet another milestone in our commitment to enhancing the overall passenger experience. This reflects our dedication to providing our users with maximum convenience and reliability.

Linda Ndungu, the Country Manager for Kenya, believes that Scheduled Rides will elevate the passenger experience by offering greater control over travel plans. This feature is particularly advantageous during periods of increased demand, as drivers can anticipate and prepare for scheduled rides, minimizing downtime.

According to Bolt, using Scheduled Rides is straightforward and efficient. Riders have two options for booking: they can access the Bolt app, tap on the car and calendar icon, input the desired pickup time, date, destination, and ride category, and confirm the booking. Alternatively, users can open the Bolt app, enter the destination, tap the calendar icon, and select the ride time and date. Bolt has extended the free waiting time for riders to five minutes, enhancing the overall experience.