Bruce Nsereko-Lule Becomes General Partner To Nairobi's Seedstars Africa Ventures

Bruce Nsereko-Lule Becomes General Partner To Nairobi's Seedstars Africa Ventures

Bruce Nsereko-Lule has joined Seedstars Africa Ventures, a VC based in Nairobi,  that supports early-stage start-ups. Bruce is joining the team, to fill in the position as a full-time General Partner.

One of the reasons Bruce is joining the team is to support the start-up’s fund strategy, equipping the enterprises with a durable support system to help them scale in the region. Part of the support will include ushering a pre-series A and rounds of series A.

Taking a look into Bruce’s background, he has been active in contributing to the African VC ecosystem. He has about eleven years of experience in investment banking and VC across borders and the occurring markets. With over several million investments, Bruce has led various early-stage startups of which a considerable amount of them have developed into leaders in the industry of practice.

Joining the team is part of Seedstar’s strategy to scale its Nairobi office ad empowers its investment and fundraising abilities. $5.3 million has been invested through the fund.

Prior to joining the team, Bruce was an Investment Principal at Chandaria Capital. He had founded and ushered the functions of the prominent, sector-agonistic African VC fund. At Chandaria  Capital, the organization won the East Africa Private Equity and Venture Capital Association’s (EAVCA) award for Small Cap Deal 2019 and Venture Capital Deal 2020/2021. while he lead the team, he also managed about Thirty-Eight companies on the continent.

While speaking on his move and new position, Bruce said, “As an African that has lived in Africa for nearly 25 years, I have witnessed the numerous difficulties individuals face to start up and grow a business. The continued growth of early-stage ventures in the continent has positively accelerated the development of the industry. Still, more needs to be done to ensure local entrepreneurs gain access not only to early-stage funding but also cornerstone investors that will support these businesses to scale and succeed through successive rounds of funding.”

He further said “Seedstars Africa Ventures works to solve these issues. With the support of world-class institutions, including LBO France and Seedstars, Seedstars Africa Ventures is a long-term investment partner that provides talent in the continent with strategic support, networks, and continual funding to create pioneering companies that improve the incomes, health, and lifestyles of Africans.”

Tamim El Zein, also a  General Partner at Seedstars Africa Ventures, he expressed his though abaour the new partner, stating, “We are thrilled to have Bruce officially joining us. Very few investment professionals in the region have the breadth of experience and track record that Bruce has of successfully investing in and supporting startups. Adding his complementary skillset to the team will benefit not only the fund but also importantly the value we deliver to our portfolio companies,”