Cameroon's Taaply Raises $500,000 As It Releases New App

Cameroon's Taaply Raises $500,000 As It Releases New App

Taaply, a Cameroon-based fintech that started off by digitalizing business cards, has been reported to have raised Five Hundred Thousand US Dollars. ($500,000) in funding. This serves as a double event as the startup has just announced the release of its latest Mobile Application, and Update on its website.

Taaply was launched in 2021, by Lekel Asonganyi, it is a tech-enabled business card platform that is targeted at reducing the production of carbon dioxide in Africa. Over time Taaply has evolved, embracing developments. The startup now has a few features on its website and some additional new products.

The news upgrades are meant to assist customers in additionally digitalising and managing their social and professionally related connections, in the same vein as upgrading users’ experience when to data sharing.

According to reports, recent events and upgrades experienced by the organization will help the start-up compete effectively in the market, to accepts opportunities, and scale in the health insurance and healthcare markets.

Taaply reportedly stated, “In this way, Taaply hopes to meet the growing demand from both private and business customers for the full range of fixed and mobile healthcare services.”

Currently, Taaply functions within three continents, which include, Africa, Europe, and North America. There also mentions that the startup plans to expand beyond its current market presence and market products.