Cellulant Zambia Partners Retail brand, LC Waikiki to Provide Cellulant Tingg Payment Platform

Cellulant Zambia Partners Retail brand, LC Waikiki to Provide Cellulant Tingg Payment Platform

To allow customers to make payments from any LC Waikiki store throughout Zambia using the Cellulant Tingg digital payment platform, Cellulant Zambia and the well-known fashion retailer LC Waikiki have entered into a collaboration arrangement.

Customers of LC Waikiki will now be able to pay conveniently via mobile money in all of their branches in Zambia, as the methods by which people can purchase items continue to develop. This collaboration demonstrates the rising synergies between African businesses and payment solution providers in order to meet the demands of a growing consumer base that now favors digital payment options. Although the use of digital payment methods was becoming more widespread before to COVID-19, the pandemic helped to hasten this adoption.

Sevda Bilen, the country manager for LC Waikiki Zambia, noted that using mobile money for payment gave customers of LC Waikiki Zambia a more efficient payment options. He also said the partnership will add to the value LC Waikiki offers its customers.

“LC Waikiki Zambia customers now have a wider choice of payment methods. True to our mission that offers fashion at affordable prices in line with the belief that “everyone deserves to dress well. Every one of our clientele can now seamlessly pay at any of our stores through Tingg. Consistently providing convenience for our clientele is something we strive to achieve daily,” said Bilen.

Over 300,000 of the companies’ customers in Zambia now have the option to pay their water bills using their chosen mobile money and pre-selected bank accounts thanks to Cellulant’s integration of five of the country’s top water utilities on Tingg.

About Cellulant Tingg

Cellulant Tingg is part of Cellulant’s efforts to make frictionless payments possible for companies and their clients throughout Africa are centered on this. To open up options for millions of customers, the payments provider integrates digital payments for more than 1,000 retailers across 35 countries.

Business owners in Africa and anywhere else in the world may accept all relevant payment methods thanks to Cellulant Tingg, a payments gateway that provides a single, unified payment experience.

According to the company, the platform has provided a seamless payment experience to over 550,000 different customers through a network of over 100,000 merchants in key Kenyan towns. Ghana has also launched out the platform.

According to Bilen, the strategic alliance with Tingg by Cellulant demonstrates Waikiki’s dedication to the Zambian market, as it intends to keep looking into new possibilities with the business. LC Waikiki has more than 1200 stores in 56 countries with almost 60,000 employees and a brand range that includes clothes and accessories for men, women and children of all ages, including babies, style-aware individuals and families.