Champ Alpha Services, A Soon-To-Launch Social Payment Platform

Champ Alpha Services, A Soon-To-Launch Social Payment Platform

It takes effort to actually manifest thoughts, it is likened to the proverb, “If wishes were horses even beggars will ride”. So many people walk the streets of Nairobi, Lagos, Kampala and many other cities, with the thoughts of starting up a business whether in tech or not, heck, some have the money or a really cool rich uncle who will invest in any idea they bring up, just to support his niece or nephew. Yet only those who take the step towards greatness are named inventors.

Champ Alpha Services is one of those ideas about to be launched with intentions to succeed in the Nigerian ecosystem.

In an interview with The Ouut, one of Champ’s co-founders Rufus Tofunmi gave a few insights about the initiative behind the soon-to-launch fintech startup and what its audience should expect once it launches.

Rufus noted that “Champ is a social payment platform; we are building a community with the sole aim of making assets conversation to fiat time faster and simple with just a few clicks. In the same vein, we are educating the masses on how to maximize web 3.0. to their advantage. On our soon-to-launch mobile app, users can access features such as airtime to cash, and bill payment while we create more services to grow our community”.

Standing out in the fintech community is almost like sighting a dazzle of Zebra, each has its own special mark yet they all look alike. In Champ’s case, its uniqueness is found in its will to enhance its community, not just with ease of asset conversion, but with the ability to be tech educated. “Well, this is not just another payment platform, with the free transactions we are creating a tool that will educate our community on web3.0 with different educational videos and events to enlighten the masses on how to efficiently integrate with this emerging trend. This means while our users get their needs met, through our finance service, they are also educationally impacted through our educational tools” He explained.

The startup seemed to be quite ready to show the world its features, yet it notes that it is still in the waiting period. To be launched by January 2023, the fintech revealed that its base work and financial support are still provided for by its founders who have raised “seed capital” to ensure that their idea does not stay an idea.

“We have a team of amazing talents in different departments of our startup. We know our target audience and we have already gotten into their mind to devise a way to reach them effectively, we are currently securing our online identity to stand out, we know our competitors and we are different,” Rufus stated to reveal his start-up preparedness for a competitive ecosystem. “We have a competitive strategic plan to face the market squarely; we have different incentives for our first batch of users also so we are prepared for the market”. He reiterated.

With only 10% of the African population banked, it is easily concluded that Champ can also carve its own customer base if its plays its card right. Fielding questions about what problems Champ intends to solve with its social payment platform, Rufus acknowledged complexity, “Complexity is one of them, we are bringing a simple yet powerful tool to our users which they can’t resist. “Customer is king” is our mantra at Champ, meaning that we are customer-centric. Zero ripping, an all-around secured payment platform, Quick conversions from assets to fiat currencies, Purchase & Exchange of Airtime Vouchers for cash etc. Champ will ensure that all transactions are executed on the go.” An all-in-one platform, that could easily keep consumers hooked to its services.

Earnestly eager to launch, Champ is already in its pre-launch stage, “We are in our Pre-launch stage, test-running, updating and effecting changes to ensure we provide a seamless experience for our users. We really believe It is an emerging market with untapped potential. At a time like this, it is only pertinent that Champ is well-positioned to bridge the market gaps.”

According to the co-cofounder, the startup is developing traits that will keep it in the minds of its users, through services granted and its physical structure. “Transparency, loyalty, and Simplicity. These are attributes we already have represented in our logo and branding. Our brand colours Navy blue and White create an impression of who we are at Champ; White indicates Perfection while Navy Blue shows our Transparency. In all, we are all out to ensure Champ remains top of mind in the market. It’s not all about the money it’s about loyalty and commitment that’s what we want to be known. We also have plans to do some Corporate Social Responsibility activities once we launch.” He said.

Is the market as eager to meet Champ as Champ is keen to meet the market? Well, we have to wait and see.