City Power to Provide 15000 Solar Water Geysers to Low-income Homes in Johannesburg

City Power to Provide 15000 Solar Water Geysers to Low-income Homes in Johannesburg

In an effort to provide 15000 solar water geysers to low-income homes in Johannesburg, City Power is embracing green energy and collaborating with the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy (DMRE). By working together, the DMRE will provide the city with the initial batch of 15,000 solar water geysers at no cost to the city.

Councilor Michael Sun, a member of the mayoral committee for environment and infrastructure services, stated in a statement released yesterday that City Power will establish criteria for the beneficiaries and give priority to orphanages, hospices, old age facilities, and animal shelters.

Sun reports that City Power CEO Tshifularo Mashava and her staff are developing a plan to begin implementing this in the city of gold’s most in needy residences. He further adds that the project’s execution offers DMRE the chance to teach City Power technicians, neighborhood electricians, and SMMEs, and “guarantee that these possibilities will be available to the areas where the solar water geysers will be erected.”

Additionally, City Power intends to start a program for solar-powered high mast illumination in vulnerable neighborhoods that are prone to crime peaks during load-shedding. The solar high masts will be installed in places without access to energy and are scheduled to be implemented in December.

According to Sun, bids are presently being considered for the installation of solar panels at the company’s Reuven’s corporate offices as well as the solar-powered high mast illumination program.

“I am extremely proud of the progress made by City Power in proactively finding green energy solutions. We are determined to improve public lighting and safety in our communities. It’s under the veil of darkness that crime increases, so as a matter of urgency City Power will be rolling out solar-powered high mast lighting in crime-prone areas.

“Our first port-of-call will be Eldorado Park and areas like Soweto, Doornkop and Orange Farm, where Eskom is the main supplier of electricity and load-shedding plunges these vulnerable communities into the dark.

“We refuse to simply talk about embracing green energy solutions. This multiparty government does what it says and the good news doesn’t just end there.

“City Power has partnered with the Joburg Market to fit the market roofs with solar panels so it will move to green and renewable energy, and with the electricity saved there, we will feed back into the grid for areas in need.”