Ckrowd Set To Invest In DMAAS Technology For Content Creators

Ckrowd Set To Invest In DMAAS Technology For Content Creators

Nigerian content streaming platform, Ckrowd, is set to invest into Digital-Marketing-As-A-Service (DMAAS) technology, this is according to the streaming platform’s plan to expand into adtech. This business expansion will be of substantial benefits to its content creators especially the visuals, and position its Buisness to Business (B2B) marketing services properly.

Accroding to Ckrowd this development is meant to support its content entrepreneurs and creators who wish to expand their subscribers and reach, which will in return propel revenue thorough the sales of their products, services and contents.

Currently, Ckrowd’s B2B strategy give creators and business access to expansion of the breadth of their services. They can launch into emerging markets, likewise secure more audience. The platform’s innovative ad tool and efficient tool, Ckrowd Advert, give the creators such benefits.

In the light of this development, Ckrowd has plans to further expand its advertising capacity from  selling just 6.3 million messages via SMS, emails, and WhatsApp within a few months to selling about 10billion messages annually.

Ckrowd advert was launched recently, precisely nine months ago.It has previously acquires a digital marketing agency via its content steaming platform. Since its launching the ad platform has contributes immensely to securing content distribution and marketing for content creators, movies, live music events and also Ckrowd exclusive contents.

While discussing the steps towards implementing this investment. Ckowrd’s Chief Excutive Officer, Kayode Adebayo, said,  “Ckrowd’s investment will start by developing Ckrowd Advert for 10,000 B2B users. This will deliver an upward of $3 million as annual revenue from only 1000 users MoM (Month on Month). Our intention is to send 10billion messages annually for creators and business owners”

He explained further by saying, “Ckrowd’s investment into Ckrowd Advert will ensure that the right people are reached and funnelled towards your content, product and services, adding to the bottom-line for these enterprises.”