Crowdafrica To Use Its Website For Collections Of Donations To Fight COVID 19 In Africa.

Crowdafrica To Use Its Website For Collections Of Donations To Fight COVID 19 In Africa.

An online website called crowdafrica has made available its platform for the general public who are willing to donate for the fight against the coronavirus.

The organization is concentrated on education and healthcare hence, a very big concern to them as far as the fight against coronavirus is a concern.

The website believes the initiatives will one way or the other influence the public to make their donations so that the resources to fight the virus will be available.

They believe in attracting donations from individuals, groups, organizations, and communities at large.

In Africa, most countries trying to fight the virus need funding to be able to do so. Most of the African countries can’t even provide enough personal protective equipment (PPEs) for their front-liners making the fight a very difficult one.

The organization seeks to help such countries with the resources that will be gathered through the initiative. Like the situation in Ghana where individuals, nongovernmental organizations, groups try helping the government to fight the virus, such efforts need to be cut across every country that is battling with the virus.  Some individuals have the technological know-how, they can produce types of equipment to help fight the virus, but they need funding.

In Ghana, we have seen a few individuals that produced technological equipment. The website believes such individuals and groups who have the technology will be funded by the resources that will be made through their website. The website is making it easy for people around the world to donate to help their friends, family and loved ones.

One can make donations across the world without any charges and the donations can be through mobile money, credit cards, debit cards, PayPal among others. All donations are assured of free charges. The organization also made it easy for people who will love to contact them before making any donations.

To contact the organization, use  +233(0)555940194, email them at; or visit their website