DR Congo Partners with Edtech Startup Schoolap to Digitize Its Entire School System

DR Congo Partners with Edtech Startup Schoolap to Digitize Its Entire School System

The government of DR Congo has announced a partnership with Schoolap to digitize the country’s entire education system.

Schoolap was founded in 2017 by Pascal Kanik and Guy Jose Leta with the aim of digitization of education in the DRC. The platform has been able to provide students in the Congo with access to digital lessons and transforms the way teachers teach in schools.

Schoolap leverages its tablets technology to provide access to the Congolese education curriculum even when off-grid.

After raising $500k in 2020, the platform has been able to expand its services, and has become a household name and a mirror into the future of digitized education in the DRC.

Pascal Kanik theh CEO and co-founder of Schoolap speaking said that the platform aims to reduce inequality in the education sector in the DRC by enabling teachers in rural settings with the same quality of knowledge and as teachers in urban centers.

With over 30,000 educational materials are available in text and video even when offline, the startup has now signed a contract with the Congolese government and the startup will interconnect all educational establishments, digitize and distribute educational content, digitize and make available school and academic titles in electronic format, digitize school and academic paths, facilitate enrollment and standardize the administrative management of all the links in primary, secondary, higher and university education in the country.

Schoolap has already built over 500 VSAT kits in 14 provinces with the support of partners, including 300 in universities and 200 in primary and secondary schools, to provide satellite Internet. The Internet will henceforth be free, according to the ARPTC.