Econet Zimbabwe offers cheaper bundles to enhance e-learning participation.

Econet Zimbabwe offers cheaper bundles to enhance e-learning participation.

Econet Zimbabwe is offering cheaper bundles to enhance e-learning participation in the country.

This comes after the uproar when Econet increased it’s data prices on May 5, 2020.

However, Econet sent a letter to schools, calling on them to apply for the discounted data bundles.

Data Bundles applies for at least fifty (50) mobile numbers which include students and teachers.

Each school will pay on behalf of its students/teachers/employees and will take money from parents or SDAs.

Thereafter, the school will give out mobile phone numbers for Econet to credit with the data bundles.

Econet wants to avoid ordinary people taking advantage of and using the bundles for non-school purposes. For this reason, the company is putting the requirement that deals only with schools.

This, therefore, means that smaller private schools will not have the chance to access discounted data bundles.

Even though Econet has made the pricing competitive, the discount is not nearly enough considering that parents are already struggling with economic depression which the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic lockdown has worsened.

On an MB price basis, Econet’s discounted $200 option for 10GB which is more expensive than NetOne’s current One-Fi bundle of 25GB which sells for $400.

Mobile operator, NetOne also announced an impending price hike on 5 May, which is yet to take effect.

Econet expects other mobile operators (NetOne and Telecel) and even the fixed operators such as Liquid, ZOL, TelOne, Africom, Powertel, and Utande to also offer discounted products in the coming days.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Limited is currently the largest mobile telecommunications, technology, and digital solutions company in Zimbabwe.

Econet has built an extensive distribution channel network across Zimbabwe at the same time creating employment for tens of thousands of people. The company was founded in the year 1998.

Find a copy of Econet’s letter here: Letter


Tosin Agboola

Reporter with Ouut Africa.

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