Egypt’s Edtech Startup, Career 180 Secures $200k from EdVentures

Egypt’s Edtech Startup, Career 180 Secures $200k from EdVentures

Egyptian Edtech startup, Career 180, has announced it secured a $200k investment from EdVentures to provide Egyptian youths with employment and qualifying services across all job types.

Career 180, founded in 2016 by Mohamed Akmal and Shorouk Alaa Eldin, helps children enhance their abilities to match the labor market through counseling, workshops, and theoretical or practical training programs in a variety of fields.

Career180’s platform provides users access to counseling videos as well as several extra services relating to various specialties, such as workshops and theoretical or practical training programs. Users can also have access to career advising sessions and meetings during the one-day event to bring together youth and link them with senior specialists in various specializations and professions.

Career180 has noted that it aims to ensure youths are employable through its platform. “We aim to create a comprehensive online platform that qualifies youth to the job market and facilitates their hiring at multinational, local companies and startups, through offering hundreds of online courses and programs, in addition to offering thousands of jobs at Career 180 and Freelance Yard”.

EdVentures is a VC firm that supports and invests in businesses specializing in education, culture, and creative learning solutions in Egypt, Africa, and the Arab World.

Dalia Ibrahim, the founder & CEO of EdVentures speaking on the investment said that the firm is living up to its commitment to empowering youths.

“We constantly aim at empowering youth, and that’s why we were excited to do a new round of investment in Career 180. Their new platform will enable youth to find job opportunities while helping them develop their skills and capabilities through the various training programs offered by this platform,” said Dalia.