Facebook introduces CatchUp, an app for voice calls only.   

Facebook introduces CatchUp, an app for voice calls only.   

Facebook‘s New Product Experimentation (NPE) is introducing a new app for voice calls only named ‘CatchUp’.

CatchUp, allows users to see who is available to voice chat and then lets them initiate both one-on-one and group calls within the app.

CatchUp is not connected to Facebook in any way. With CatchUp users do not need a Facebook account. The app works by accessing the contacts on your phone and builds your friend list from there.

Facebook says NPE Team developers are addressing the problem of people hesitant to place a call because they might reach someone at a time they cannot pick their calls.

There are so many apps like CatchUp but the unique thing about the app is that it flags when users are available. It’s the “Ready to Talk” section at the top home screen, displays people and groups who are on and using the app.

Users can create and join groups of friends, family, and mutual contacts up to eight people in the app, as you can with other chat apps. Users can choose to place one-on-one calls also as an alternative to using the phone.

Currently, Facebook is “testing” CatchUp for a “limited time” in the United States for both iOS and Android which is free to download.

The app has a simple user interface which makes it easier for older users, like grandma and grandpa to navigate. All users need is to toggle a button to make a call.

The app has privacy features that allow users to choose which contacts can join single and group calls.

The NPE team has launched so many apps, which include meme creator Whale, music app Aux, video app Hobbi, couples app Tuned among others.

However, the aforementioned apps were not given much hype as CatchUp.