Facebook to introduce pop-up warning users who share content more than 90 days old.

Facebook to introduce pop-up warning users who share content more than 90 days old.

Facebook is planning to introduce a notification screen to warn users who try to share content that is more than 90 days old.

This comes after the several complaints from news publishers in particular saying that old stories that are sheared out of their original context contributed to the spread of misinformation.

With this in mind, the new notification screen will give Facebook users the choice to “go back” or to click through if they still want to share the story knowing that is old.

According to Facebook,  old stories that are shared out of their original context play a role in spreading misinformation.

Speaking on the issue, Vice President of Feed and Stories of Facebook, John Hegeman in a blog post said, “When we ask people what kind of news they want to see on Facebook, they continually tell us they want information that is timely and credible. ”

“Over the past several months, our internal research found that the timeliness of an article is an important piece of context that helps people decide what to read, trust and share,” Hegeman further stated.

The new notification screen is one of the other kinds of notifications the company has experimented with recently.

In the same blog post, Facebook said that it will now consider other kinds of notification screens to reduce misinformation, which includes pop-ups for posts about COVID-19 that would provide context about source links and direct users toward public health resources.

In 2019, Instagram rolled out a pop-up notification to discourage its users from sharing offensive or abusive comments with a similar set of options, allowing them to click through or go back. Facebook said that its initial results with the experiment have proven significant in shaping users toward better behavior.