Falak, EBRD Trains Over 50 VC Participants in 2 days Masterclass

Falak, EBRD Trains Over 50 VC Participants in 2 days Masterclass

There are various reasons for joining an association or group. Naturally, people join associations for their own benefit, for example, to come to their aid or to help their development in the long run. This could be one of the reasons Egypt joined the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

EBRD is one of the top project financing banks in the world. One of its usual activities is to invest in private enterprises. The financing house is currently active in 5 continents of the world, and in selected regions within the chosen continent.

EBRD has been known for its investment and development activities within Egypt over the years. According to reports, EBRD is committed to financing projects ( in corporation with other lending organizations) in member countries that practice a democratic system of government. Egypt is recognized to have met its criteria and it is a member nation of the organization.

The North African nation joined the membership of the EBRD when the bank began operations in egypt in 2017. The nation is recognized as a founding member of the financial institution, and the institution itself has been active since 1991.

Since Egypt joined the membership of the EBRD, there have been several investments made in the nation by the financing organization. The assessment of the investment by the organization would the amount run towards more than €7 billion. The investments were made across 125 projects within the nation.

Asides financing projects, the investment company often host or partners to host programs for enterprises or startups within its member countries. one of which is the recent Masterclass hosted in Egypt.

The EBRD Masterclass.

In partnership with Falak startups, the EBRD program dubbed the Venture Capital Fund Management simulation; The Fund Manager.

The program was a 2 days intensive event. Other partners of the event such as Strategy Tools and host location, Consoleya, contributed to the success of the event. According to the aim of the program, it is meant to help develop other VCs. The event also opens them to opportunities that will let them scale.

As a 2 days masterclass,  there were some hands on activities to give the VC practical training in fund accessibility. Insights on investment strategies, and identifying possible investment success were dished out to them.

More than 50 participants were beneficiaries of the event, taking part mini lectures, and excersices. The event had individual participation from different countries within the North African region and even from North America.

Over the years, EBRD has partnered with different organizations to host or sponsor developmental events for startups, VCs,  entrepreneurs and anymore.

This particular masterclass event seems to be targeting the development of other financing organization. This will increase the funding activity within the region  which should help many startups scale.

Reports also revealed that the events did not target businesses in tech only, but in other major fields. This focus opens investment up a dynamic investment practice that help reduce unforeseen investment circumstances.