Fast Ride Launches As Nigeria's First E-hailing Company

Fast Ride Launches As Nigeria's First E-hailing Company

The first indigenous e-hailing company in Nigeria has launched. Fast Ride Limited, the initiator Fast Ride App, is determined to provide Nigerians with an tool for easy transportation and logistics. Fast Ride has formally began operation with its mobile application the “Fast Ride”.

In attendance of the launching, notable companies in  Nigeria was represented, coming from the HMO, Insurance and pension industry, all in a bid to welcome Fast Ride to the business stream.

The E-hailing organization is focused on putting riders and drivers in the center of operations, therefore resonating around the comfort and safety of the riders and drivers. To achieve this, fast ride is making efforts to provide solutions to challenges those who have used other e-hailing brands have or currently face.

According to reports,Founder and CEO of Fast Ride Limited, Wale Yasere, expressed gladness about the launching and mention a few thing that makes Fast Ride standout. “We want our riders a to know that they can trust our app and our drivers because we are a customer-centric company dedicated to providing the greatest experience for our users.”

He reiterated “Our objective is to transform the way that e-hailing is seen in Nigeria. Our clients (drivers and riders) receive a variety of advantages when they ride with Fast Ride, including but not limited to a few”

Some of the features the Fast Ride intends to offer its drivers and riders include.

1)Life Insurance cover that is  worth about one million five hundred Naira which can be disbursed within 48-72 hours of claim validation.

2) A Permanent Disability Cover that is worth about one million Naira.

3) A HMO – comprehensive medical insurance which covers the Fast Ride Drivers, spouse and a maximum of four children.

4) A 24/7 customer care service with option of customer visitation during official hours.

And Many more.

To make this a reality in the Nigerian E-hailing Industry,  Fast Ride has minimally partnered with a few  pension and insurance firms, which includes Reliance HMO, Allianz Insurance Plc, Talisa Insurance Brokers, and Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers Limited, among others.

The Fast Ride app is said to be created to prioritize the its users safety, what is why it comes with a facial identification feature the makes sure both rider and driver identification is confirmed before the ride commences.