FinEstate Launches Platform For International Real Estate Investment

FinEstate Launches Platform For International Real Estate Investment

North America-based real-estate establishment, FinEstate, has launched a web platform that enables Nigerians to invest in properties abroad. The organization itself made this known through a press release it published.

The platform gives Nigerians access to invest in real estate in other developed nations, specifically in Canada, the United States of America, and some other parts of North America, an action that will help many attain sustainable prosperity.

“Nigerians are priced out of the real estate market because affordability is the biggest obstacle to real estate investment. Typically, it costs millions of Naira and is out of reach. This is where FinEstate steps in to make real estate investment a reality for everyone,” part of the statement reads.

The real estate establishment says it is currently investing in some of the best property deals in North America, by buying outrightly, then giving people the opportunity to own a share of its property for as low as Ten dollars $10 which will yield returns during a stipulated period of investment. This is seen as a fraction of real estate investment.

The statement further said “FinEstate offers a great opportunity to invest in Naira and receive returns in Dollars. Your investments are held in dollars, and returns are paid out in either dollars or your local currency. You can successfully hedge against currency devaluation in this way, so your money does not lose value. Investors benefit from returns generated from rent revenue and capital appreciation.”

According to Chidinma Nwaorgu, Business Strategy and Customer Relations Lead of FinEstate, she explains that real estate is one of the most valuable and safest acquisition in the world and bearing this knowledge, the organization thought it needed to bring cross-border real estate investment closer to Nigerians, giving them to enjoy reliable investments through its platform. According to her “ Our team is located in North America ensuring easy access, vetting, and management of investment properties to ensure maximum returns on  your investment.”

How FinEstate Works

The platform (FinEstate) asserts to have the capacity to identify valuable and potential properties. It thereafter follows due diligence in performing a background check and assessments on proposed properties via an established team of experienced professionals.

After the property is approved and bought by FinEstate, the total value of the investment is divided into bits of one dollar $1, in which the organization will charge $1 per unit.

Prospective investors from Nigeria can view the available properties through the FinEstate mobile application, and can also buy their share of any property they are attracted to.

FinEstate encourages Nigerians to take the leap and invest in the property sector, “With as little as $10 in Naira, anyone can register and fund their accounts to invest,” it states.