Gamic and Polygon Partner to Bring Blockchain Opportunities to Africa

Gamic and Polygon Partner to Bring Blockchain Opportunities to Africa

Gamic, Nigeria’s Web3 social communication platform, announced a strategic partnership with Polygon network, a leading Ethereum infrastructure and scaling platform. Gamic will be able to expand its international influence and reach as a result of this collaboration, as well as bring blockchain-powered opportunities to Africa.

The web3 startup is a game-changing platform that combines social communication features with the power of Web3 technology. The platform allows users to communicate with one another, share information, and engage in deep discussions about a variety of topics. Gamic, a truly decentralized and community-driven platform reward users’ for their efforts.

Gamic will be able to collaborate with other top blockchain projects by joining Polygon. It will gain access to a large network of developers and resources as a result of this. Gamic will be able to come up with more new ideas and spread the use of blockchain technology in Africa and other places as a result of this collaboration.

Ukeme Okuku, CEO of Gamic, was pleased that the firm had decided to join the Polygon network and that he would be able to work with such a talented and enthusiastic team. “We are excited to be leading this movement in Africa because we believe blockchain technology has the potential to change businesses and usher in a better future,” he says.

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About Gamic

Gamic is a Web3 social communication network with a foundation in Nigeria that blends the strength of social communication tools with the decentralized nature of blockchain technology. The social app lets users talk to each other, share information, and have deep conversations about a wide range of topics. For their contributions to the site, users at Gamic can also receive incentives.

About Polygon

The purpose of Polygon is to provide a safe, scalable, and interoperable blockchain environment. Polygon is a leading Ethereum scaling and infrastructure platform. A growing community of users and developers supports the platform, which is home to a wide variety of decentralized applications.