Geidea and Visa Partner to Accelerate Seamless Digital Payment Solutions across Egypt

Geidea and Visa Partner to Accelerate Seamless Digital Payment Solutions across Egypt

Geidea, one of the MENA region’s largest financial technology companies by market share, has announced a strategic partnership with Visa, the world leader in digital payments, to bring Geidea’s sophisticated payment solutions to the Egyptian market.

The strategic partnership of these two payment companies will drive financial inclusion and digital transformation, in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030. In addition, Visa will invest in new payment solutions via Geidea’s Point-Of-Sale terminals to provide seamless and secure payment solutions to merchants and SMEs across the country.

To consolidate these services, which play an important role in the development of Egypt’s payment sector, the two parties signed a long-term strategic partnership to provide innovative services to merchants and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Egypt, including pay-by-phone services and electronic trading services.

What the Stakeholders are saying

Geidea, Visa Partner To Accelerate Digital Payments Across Egypt

Ahmed Nader, General Manager of Geidea Egypt, commented on the partnership, saying, “Geidea is committed to supporting merchants and assisting small businesses to thrive in the digital economy, in accordance with Egypt’s Vision 2030.” Our collaboration with Visa will accelerate digital transformation and financial inclusion across the country by providing businesses with modern digital payment solutions, enabling them to provide their customers with a convenient, secure, and seamless checkout experience.”

Ahmed Magdy, Senior Commercial Director of Geidea Egypt also explained “Geidea aims to apply the latest e-payments technology to provide seamless and secure payment solutions through “Tap-on-Phone. Geidea has a strong infrastructure that allows it to offer the fastest PoSs to merchants and small and medium-sized companies.”

“Our company is constantly striving to find partners who can further our goal of providing a seamless experience and the best solutions to users. Thus, we are pleased to partner with Visa, as Visa’s extensive network is a key differentiating factor in giving our customers the greatest flexibility.”

Also commenting on the partnership, Essam El Daly, Head of Merchant Sales and Acquiring for North Africa, Levant, and Pakistan, Visa said “Such strategic partnerships help us advance the future of digital payments in the region, ensuring seamless services to our clients and an increased market share for all the parties involved. These enabling tools are key to achieving the financial inclusion we seek through our work in Visa, as we carefully integrate the needs of both merchants and users in our solutions.”

About Geidea

Geidea is a leading and fully licensed payment service provider offering digital banking technology, Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminals, and business management solutions for both financial institutions and small businesses in retail and digital commerce. Founded in Saudi Arabia in 2008 by entrepreneur Abdullah Faisal Al-Othman, Geidea’s mission is to empower merchants of all types and sizes with the tools to start, manage and grow their businesses. The company believes that the latest payments and commerce technology should be accessible, affordable, and intuitive for everyone. Based in Riyadh, GeideaATM has more than 2000 employees, 150,000 merchants, and provides support to more than 700,000 payment terminals and ATMs networks within the Kingdom and capturing 75% market share in the sector. The company is rapidly expanding branches in several locations across the GCC, including UAE and Egypt, to further locations in 2022.