Ghana Startup Network, Arielle for Africa to host “EMPOWER HER” webinar in August.

Ghana Startup Network, Arielle for Africa to host “EMPOWER HER” webinar in August.

Ghana Startup Network in collaboration with Arielle for Africa(Kenya) is organizing a 3-week part webinar for women entrepreneurs dubbed, “EMPOWER HER” in August.

The program aims to empower and equip women entrepreneurs with the industrial knowledge to dominate the African and global entrepreneurial economic landscape.

With the mission to establish a national organization that unifies the voice of Startup Entrepreneurs, the webinar would be held once every week for 3 weeks.

The first weekly session will be held on August 7, 2020(3 pm GMT/6 pm EAT) tackling the question “Does leadership know the gender? And How does a woman navigate through the male-dominated business environment without compromising on who they are as a woman?

The speakers are Irene Ochem, CEO of Africa Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (AWIEF) Nigeria and Regina Honu, CEO of Soronko Academy (Ghana)

The second weekly session will come on August 14, 2020(3 pm GMT/6 pm EAT) which talks about “Navigating through Capital and funding”.

This session will answer questions on the fact that Women-led startups have limited access to funding relative to men-led startups and what at practical steps can women entrepreneurs make to overcome this hurdle and access the much-needed funding?

The speakers for the second session are Wawera Njeru, CEO -Food for Education(Kenya), and Rosanne Whalley, CEO of AHL Venture Partners (Kenya).

The third and final week session will be held on August 21, 2020 (3 pm GMT/6 pm EAT) focusing on the topic “Building a Disruptive Business model”. The session will help participants develop a competitive business model that fits into the prevailing market, technological and business trends.

The speakers are Edith Njage, CEO of Arielle for Africa Ltd.(Kenya), and Gwen Addo, CEO of HairSenta(Ghana).

All three sessions will be hosted on zoom and it is completely free. Click here to register.

It is worth noting that each session of the webinar has a time allotment of one hour.