Ghanaian eCommerce startup Plendify launches B2B e-commerce marketplace

Ghanaian eCommerce startup Plendify launches B2B e-commerce marketplace

Ghanaian pan-African eCommerce startup Plendify has launched a B2B e-commerce platform to connects small and large African wholesalers, manufacturers, exporters, and importers with customers.

Plendify was established in 2018 by Beau Sackey to help small and medium businesses in Africa execute commercial transactions. The startup operates an e-commerce B2B Marketplace platform in categories that traditional e-commerce players are not dominant in, for example, food & beverage, beauty/cosmetics, agriculture, and farming.

The B2B eCommerce platform will provide a business directory of leading suppliers in Africa and enables buyers to receive quotes directly on the platform. Suppliers can also buy and sell from each other in bulk.

Co-founder Michael Manirakiza said “This has given local buyers a wide variety of choice of high-quality products in major categories such as food and beverage, homeware and appliances, and building and construction.

“This relatively new platform enables those in the diaspora now to enjoy access to these previously hard-to-reach suppliers. Buyers can now pay with their international cards and track their local deliveries directly in the app or website from anywhere in the world.”

The startup plans to connect other African countries very soon to also connect African merchants to the world through eCommerce.