Ghanaian Student develops COVID 19 Self Checker App.

Ghanaian Student develops COVID 19 Self Checker App.

A Ghanaian SHS graduate has developed a chatbot app which enables people to determine if they have coronaVirus.

The app named ‘Abbey’ will lessen the burden on health practitioners who have to explain the symptoms of the deadly virus.

The app developer, Musthapha Zaidan said: “ It is important to note that ‘Abbey’ is not intended to diagnose any possible conditions including COVID 19 infections”.

Another feature of the app is to educate the public on CoronaVirus which includes the symptoms and preventive measures.

Anytime the chatbot is opened, it will ask a series of questions to ascertain if the user’s symptoms need immediate medical assistant or not.

Zaidan further stated that he and his team are working hard to strengthen their technology to improve disease surveillance, early detection and track the spread of outbreaks such as COVID-19 and others.

Last year, Zaidan and his team developed a similar technology known as FastRx App which connects patients to pharmacies to deliver medication to them at home.

The FastRx app is significantly changing how people take and manage medications by sorting them in personalized packets, drug potency, dates, time and dosage.

FastRx also signs up patients with chronic conditions and connects them to the right doctor for treatment.

Currently, hundreds of Kwame University of Science and  Technology(KNUST) students are subscribed to the app.

Musthapha Zaidan and his team revealed that it took about 3 years to develop the app and getting people to subscribe was not easy. Therefore, they had to start a house to house to get people on board.

According to Zaidan, his motivation is to help people grow healthy and stronger

Nevertheless, the team is looking forward to partner with medical practitioners across Africa to impact lives.