GoMed Launches In Lagos, Provides Pharmacies With Unique Selling Tools

GoMed Launches In Lagos, Provides Pharmacies With Unique Selling Tools

A digital pharmaceutical marketplace, GoMed, has officially launched in Lagos, Nigeria. The health tech is set to make safe medicines available to Nigerians on the go.  Through GoMed, the public can now have easy access to health-related services and products. The startup is ready to tap into the scaling Nigerian pharma market, which is said to be worth about $2.5billion.

To achieve its mission in the ecosystem, GoMed is ready to partner with verified pharmaceutical communities and outfits across the nation, giving them access to tools that will spotlight their innovations, products and services in the industry, at the same time providing them with necessary exposure to potential patrons in their vicinity.

Via GoMed, community pharmacies irrespective of their scope can now become digitalized. With a platform like this, they are able to make more sales and reach more customers , while GoMed users gain access to a variety of pharmaceutical products from over-the-counter (OTC) drugs to supplements. Orders of medical products can also be made through the platform, likewise, speak with doctors and pharmacists.

While giving his speech at the GoMed launching event, Dr Aaron Grandy, Co-founder and Partner of GoMed noted that the outfit was inspired by the need to pharmacies the platform and tools required to digitize their business and link them with their customers online.

According to Grandy, “Most community pharmacies are so busy running their business that they don’t have spare time and resources to build up an online shop with 5,000 to 10,000+ products, manage branding, marketing, and communications, plus coordinate deliveries all at the same time.

He also noted that“With all these challenges in mind, we asked pharmacy owners and managers if an online solution that they could tap into, enhance their brand and reach more customers would be of interest to them, and of course, it was a resounding yes!.”

GoMed assured pharmacies of increased sales through its online channels, exposure for their brands and exceptional sales propositions.