GOMYCODE Nigeria, Africa's Leading Edtech Startup, Opens New Flagship Hackerspace in Lagos

GOMYCODE Nigeria, Africa's Leading Edtech Startup, Opens New Flagship Hackerspace in Lagos

GOMYCODE Nigeria, a leading edtech startup in Africa has announced the opening of its new flagship hackerspace in a larger and more suitable location in Lagos, Nigeria.

This follows the successful launch of the digital education platform’s first hackerspace in January 2021. The new hackerspace is a one-of-a-kind architectural model located at 230 Herbert Macaulay, Alagomeji-Yaba. Its space is remarkable, with its distinct colors that stand out from the surrounding buildings, and it can accommodate even more students in a more comfortable learning environment.

Also, the new GOMYCODE hackerspace has 5 floors and a capacity of 600 students, which is five times larger than the previous one, which could only accommodate 120 students at a time.

GOMYCODE is pushing the boundaries of the student experience to new heights with three floors of classrooms dedicated to teaching.

Furthermore, for the students’ success, the classrooms are outfitted with fiber optics and comfortable equipment. Students can use the new hackerspace’s relaxation room to balance their learning and leisure time, or simply to continue working on their projects.

There is also plenty of parking space in a dedicated garage for students, allowing for easier access to the facility.

The educational advisors will occupy the second floor of the hackerspace, which now has more facilities to welcome, inform, guide, and support current and future students.

Additionally, a large conference room, with enough seating for 200 people, allows guests to gather for talks and conferences, giving the setting an even greater range.

What you should know about GOMYCODE Nigeria

Speaking on the development, Babatunde Olaifa, General Manager, GOMYCODE Nigeria says “This move signals our intentions for and deep commitment to the Nigerian market. Whilst we provide training online through what we call our online ‘hackerspace’, we know from research and our own experience that students prefer in-person classes and what we do is to ensure that these classes take place in the best possible spaces.

The move from a 3-room training space to a 5-storey building in the heart of Yaba underscores our commitment to providing quality, relevant and affordable digital skills education to anyone in Nigeria looking to future-proof their careers. This is just the beginning. We are expanding rapidly and in a few months, we will open hackerspaces in multiple locations in Lagos and Abuja,” Olaifa concluded.

Why Yaba

Yaba is the heart of Lagos’ marketing and technology professionals, and it is also the community in which GOMYCODE is based.

The new hackerspace is also in one of Lagos’s liveliest neighborhoods, with easy access. With visible GOMYCODE signage mounted on it, the new building is easy to identify.

This new space provides students with greater convenience and flexibility. GOMYCODE will strengthen its presence and commitment to the Nigerian tech community with this new space.

GOMYCODE’S Scorecard

  • 12,000 students trained
  • 17 hackerspaces in 7 countries in Africa
  • 90% of students develop their tech product at the end of the program
  • 85% placement rate within 6 months of graduation for full-time program students
  • + 200 corporate partners