Helium Health Goes Live in Kenya

Helium Health Goes Live in Kenya

Nigerian health-tech startup, Helium Health has finally launched its presence in Kenya. This is coming after the startup raised $10 million in a Series A round and announced its expansion plans in May, last year.

Launched in 2016 by the entrepreneurial trio of Adegoke Olobusi, Tito Ovia, and Dimeji Sofowora, Helium Health has grown to become the largest Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Hospital Management Information (HMI) Systems provider in West Africa.

The startup claims to have over 300 healthcare providers and 5,000 health professionals in Nigeria, Senegal, and Ghana who use its technology to improve access to healthcare for patients. With this expansion, the startup is now present in six West African countries, making it one of the largest health tech startups in Africa.

The Kenyan arm of the startup will be managed by Jean Kyula, who was formerly a National Health Service (NHS) doctor in the UK. In her remarks, she said, “We are confident that we can play a major role in supporting both Kenya’s public and private healthcare sectors.”

As part of its expansion plans, the Health-Tech startup has already secured partnerships with facilities in Uganda and Liberia and onboarded over 90 users in both countries. It is now extending its services to facilities in Nairobi.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the critical role of technology in healthcare, and the need to keep building better systems, to develop more remote access solutions, and to improve efficiencies in our healthcare sector, so we’re looking forward to working with more partners, doctors, hospitals and clinics as we move forward,” Jean concluded.

Helium Health Goes Live in Kenya
Adegoke Olubisi (CEO), Tito Ovia (Head, Public Growth Sector), Dimeji Sofowora (CFO)

Tito Ovia, co-founder and Head of Public Sector Growth expressed optimism that partnering with other health care providers in Kenya will help the startup provide efficient service to its users.

“We have been planning to expand into Kenya’s thriving health tech sector since last year, so we’re very excited to be hitting the ground running in 2021, already working with three new local partners to help improve efficiencies and provide a better service to patients.

“We believe there is a great opportunity to harness cutting-edge technology to help improve the way healthcare data is gathered and managed across Africa, so partnering with like-minded healthcare providers and facilities in Kenya is an excellent fit for us.”

Last year, Helium Health clinched the IFC Tech Emerge award, an award that matches innovative health tech startups with leading healthcare providers across Ethiopia, Kenya, and Uganda to implement pilot projects and build long-term partnerships. With this launch in Kenya, it will now pilot its technology in the East African region.

Helium Health secures investment from Global Ventures, Tencent.