Huawei Cloud to enable 10,000 Startups through its Huawei Cloud Accelerator

Huawei Cloud to enable 10,000 Startups through its Huawei Cloud Accelerator

At its Global Startup Founders Summit in Shenzhen, Huawei Cloud declared its dedication to creating a global startup ecosystem (Huawei Cloud Accelerator) that will hasten the expansion of the ICT industry.

Over the next three years, it is anticipated that this ecosystem, which consists of three core projects, will support 10,000 high-potential businesses worldwide. These initiatives include an innovative cloud platform, startup acceleration programs, and business tools.

Huawei Senior VP and CEO of Huawei Cloud Zhang Ping’an stated that Huawei Cloud believes startups have the potential to transform the world. This is why his department is collaborating with startups and leveraging Huawei’s substantial Technology-as-a-Service offerings and more than 30 years of technology and innovation experience.

Leo Chen, president of Huawei Southern Africa, has also announced that Huawei Cloud is creating a third availability zone in South Africa, which, when it goes online, would cut cloud latency in half.

He stressed that by 2025, one in six Internet users will be from Africa, and that half of South Africa’s GDP is anticipated to come from the digital sector by that time. South Africa is ready to make that change, according to Chen.

What Huawei Cloud Accelerator Offers

Huawei Cloud Accelerator is consistent with Huawei’s ongoing dedication to the SMME market in South Africa, where Huawei Cloud South Africa has already begun to create an ecosystem of regional start-ups. The Spark Program was introduced on July 8th, 2022 by Jay Zhou, Managing Director of Huawei Cloud South Africa.

For the duration of this three-year program, Huawei Cloud will invest R100 million. More than 120 startups have applied to the program thus far.

The programme focuses on six key areas:

  • Enterprise services/SaaS
  • AI
  • Biotech
  • Fintech
  • Smart energy / Carbon neutrality
  • Industrial digitization

According to Ping’an, these categories will eventually be broadened to include other industries and domains. Additionally, participants will have access to bootcamps for early-stage startups and bootcamps with industry-specific themes that support each startup at different stages of its lifespan.

Building an inclusive, vibrant startup ecosystem with partners and clients will give Huawei Cloud the chance to collaborate with them on creating a powerful engine for digital transformation. Interested startups can apply here.