Huawei Reaffirm Intentions to Support Digital Transformation in Morocco

Huawei Reaffirm Intentions to Support Digital Transformation in Morocco

Huawei, a Chinese technology firm has restated its comment to promote technology evolution in North Africa, Morocco. The company intents to provide a varying range of technological tools and services to both public and private sectors in the country. there are also plans to train the nation’s indigenous talents, introducing them to Data technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI)  and Coding.

While addressing journalists, Huawei Technologies, Chief Brand Officer, Maroc Nabil Ouchagour noted that the firm launched in  Morocco in 2002, and it has since created about “8,000 local jobs with 80% of local employees and a fiscal tax contribution of $35 million.”

Although the nation aspires to become one of the leading digital hubs in Africa, Ouchagour noted that the country still has a lot of growing to do “connectivity capacity, computing capacity, decarbonization efforts, and talent.”

The firm’s vision for a digital transformation globally is in line with some of the initiatives Morocco has launched on its own.

While addressing the nation’s technological and digital growth, Younes Sekkouri,  Morocco’s Minister of Economic Inclusion, SME’s and Employment, noted that “significant progress in the digital sector was stimulated by the COVID-19 pandemic”, this has continued to support the enactment of Morocco’s new developmental strategies.

The nation’s Minister of Digital Transformation, Ghita Mezzour, also revealed that there are plans to enhance digitalization, with assistance from indigenous stakeholders, investors, startups and civil society.

With Huawei’s intentions for digital evolution, the firm is looking to provide a range of training in services like cybersecurity and cloud. According to Huawei, it is “here to support the vision of the government,” remarking that the North African nation’s effort to develop and maintain a digital economy can “bring significant growth” to its tech ecosystem.

In addition to training young talents in Morocco, Huawei is planning a developmental scheme for startups in the nation through mentoring and dissemination of its resources with early startups in Morocco via its Spark program, the company will offer “free of charge vouchers for startups,” giving them access to their training.

Huawei is offering selected startups for the program the chance to promote and place their mobile application via its own official application store, this provides the startups with more visibility even at international levels.

The firm’s initiative to support the startups has the tendency to contribute to Morocco’s startup ecosystem.