Jada Fund Of Funds Commits To Investcorp’s $500M Saudi Pre-IPO Growth Fund

Jada Fund Of Funds Commits To Investcorp’s $500M Saudi Pre-IPO Growth Fund

Saudi-based Jada Fund of Funds, a subsidiary of the Public Investment Fund (PIF) has made financial commitments in Investcorp’s $500 million Saudi pre-IPO growth fund. Launched in 2022, the fund invests in a diversified portfolio of companies, based in Saudi Arabia that wish to access the public capital markets over the next few years.

The Fund aims to engage in equity growth capital in a variety of Saudi Arabian-based firms that have the ability to access the capital markets in three to four years. The Fund gives investors the chance to become exposed to market-leading companies in strategic, rapidly growing, and underserved sub-sectors such as business services, transportation and logistics, healthcare, and consumer goods.

Jada, a $1.07 billion fund that was established in 2019, focuses on investments in startups, venture capital (VC) funds, and private equity funds.

Bandr Alhomaly, the Chief Executive of Jada Fund of Funds Company, said, “One of Jada's primary goals is to support the growth of the local private equity ecosystem, and we look forward to seeing Investcorp's Saudi Pre-IPO Growth Fund playing an impactful role in supporting companies across the Kingdom that have strong growth trajectories and the ability to invigorate the wider SME community.”

What is Investcorp?

Established in Bahrain in 1982, Investcorp is a leading provider and manager of alternative investment firms. In August 2022, Investcorp led a $100 million Pre-IPO funding round TruKKer, MENA’s largest trucking marketplace with more than 45,000 trucks inducted on its platform. This was followed by the Fund’s investment in Saudi Arabia’s leading ICT company NourNet, which also boasts over 1,200 B2B clients operating across over 20 industries.

Head of Investcorp Saudi Arabia, Yasser Bajsair also stated, “Jada’s commitment to Investcorp Saudi Pre-IPO Fund marks the start of a long-term strategic partnership, as Investcorp continues to grow its assets under management across multiple asset classes in Saudi Arabia.”