Jendamark Automation, a South African tech firm, develops a new edtech solution.

Jendamark Automation,  a South African tech firm, develops a new edtech solution.

Jendamark Automation, a South African technology company, has developed an innovative online edtech solution that will provide affordable access to educational material for students.

The e-learning device is an android education tablet named Omang, meaning ‘identity’ in Sesotho, made as part of Jendamark Automation’s Odin Education software ecosystem.

Omang brings together technology and affordable education to enhance the government’s goal of making e-learning accessible to all learners.

Managing Director for Jendamark Automation group, Quinton Uren stated,“This is not just about textbooks on tablets. This is about bringing costs down through collaboration to create a truly affordable ed-tech solution for every South African school, with no hidden costs. We want every child to have access to a world of knowledge wherever they are – at home, in the classroom, in a taxi, anywhere, and anytime.”

The device comes at a period where remote learning is the only option due to the ongoing pandemic conditions and granting access to learners in rural areas.

Omang which was launched late June this year has sold 600 e-learning devices for use in rural Free State schools.

Also, Jendamark has donated 114 devices to Grade 11 pupils at Nqweba Secondary School in Graaff-Reinet.

The innovative device is pre-loaded with 2G free data and full tech support which can bought at a monthly cost of R134 per learner by schools or provincial education departments

Head of Odin Education, Ajit Gopalakrishnan said, “In this digital world, there is no shortage of quality educational content, but access to that content and devices like phones or tablets is a real obstacle for many South African children. We know data is also an issue, so our devices are pre-loaded with a set amount per learner, which can be managed as the school chooses.”

The devices are designed to suit each school’s specific curriculum requirements such as chosen textbooks per grade, approved educational websites and any existing e-learning platforms and apps already being used.

Aside that, teachers can upload their own content, including video lessons, old exam papers, notes, let’s them set multiple-choice tests and answer any questions via safe class chat forums.

Gopalakrishnan added, “Many parents have concerns about what their children may be viewing online and who they are talking to, but the Omang device can only be used for educational purposes, with safe, approved websites and teacher-led chats.”

If the device is stolen or gets missing it will lock on its own making it useless to thieves.