Juhayna Signs a Contract with KarmSolar to Establish a Hybrid Central Power Plant

Juhayna Signs a Contract with KarmSolar to Establish a Hybrid Central Power Plant

Juhayna, Egypt’s foremost food, and beverages company has signed a second contract with KarmSolar to establish a hybrid central power plant at the Al-Enmaa farm in Abu Minqar, New Valley, to generate and sell energy using solar panels, diesel generators, and industrial batteries. This is part of both companies’ strategy to reduce carbon emissions through the use of clean energy, following Sustainable Development Goals 12 and 13, which are responsible consumption and production and climate action.

What you should know about Juhayna and KarmSolar

The two firms first announced their partnership in 2016, when the first solar power generation and sale station for the private sector was established in El-Wahat El-Bahariya. Since its inception, the plant has saved approximately 600,000 liters of diesel per year and avoided the emission of roughly 1,620 tons of carbon dioxide per year, in addition to producing energy that meets 51% of the farms’ peak hour needs. The new partnership, on the other hand, will generate electricity from the central station, with a capacity of 8.3 megawatts of solar energy, 10.8 megawatts of diesel, and 27.5 megawatts per hour from the battery storage system. As a result, solar energy will provide 65% of the energy consumed by Juhayna’s El-Enmaa farm, while diesel generators will provide 35%.

Speaking on the partnership, Niels Thomson, CEO of Juhayna, said “I am proud of our fruitful cooperation with Karm Solar, which I consider a new milestone in our success journey. This cooperation represents a unique model for partnerships that fight climate change and find alternative, environmentally friendly energy sources. Having said that, and as one of the leading Egyptian companies in the food and beverage sector, we look forward to being a role model in mitigating the environmental impact of our main activities and strengthening our efforts to meet the best local and international practices in this regard.”

Ahmed Zahran, CEO of KarmSolar, expressed excitement to begin a new chapter in the company’s long-term partnership with Juhayna, to provide solar energy to the company in difficult-to-reach areas. Through this collaboration, Karm Solar will build a solar energy network in Farafra’s Abu Minqar neighborhood and power it with solar energy.