Kasha, Women’s E-Commerce Platform To Expand With New Investment.

Kasha, Women’s E-Commerce Platform To Expand With New Investment.

Kasha was first founded in 2016 in Rwanda and has since expanded to Kenya. Kasha deals in pharmaceuticals, menstrual care products among others which customers can access through websites and phones and these products are usually delivered with confidentiality.

Finnfund is also said to have invested $1m into kasha according to reports.

According to the CEO of Kasha, Joanna Bichsel, the company is very purposeful and with a strong focus on its customers, the products they deliver are products that women want. And one of the things they can do is that the way women get their health products in emerging markets can be changed by the company. They also look forward to creating their presence in Rwanda by partnering with Finnfund and to expand to other countries in Africa and parts of the world.

“We are a very purpose-driven company with a strong focus on our customers. We deliver the products that women actually want and need in a way that is most private and discreet for them. What drives us is that we can change the way women in emerging markets get their health products. Partnering with Finnfund, we look forward to growing our presence in Rwanda and Kenya as well as expanding to other countries in Africa and eventually to other parts of the world.” Says Joanna Bichsel, CEO of Kasha

Commenting on the development, the investment manager of Finnfund Johanna Raehalme says Kasha has become more relevant than ever in the fight of COVID-19  in terms of their investment role. “We were convinced by their strong mission and at the same time, we see that e-commerce is rapidly growing its share of consumer spending. During the investment process, Kasha’s role has become more relevant than ever: At the moment, they are preparing for an active role in protecting people from COVID-19”,

Kasha’s CEO Joanna Bichsel also made a confirmation by making this statement: “Kasha is already serving as a safe way to get hand sanitizers, antibacterial soaps, masks, gloves and eventually COVID diagnostic rapid tests. Our content channels also provide access to information on how to protect yourself from the virus. In Rwanda and Kenya, Kasha is supporting the directives of the Ministry of Health, having optimizing Kasha to effectively serve as a channel for the safe delivery of COVID protection related products, information and services”.