Kenya startup launches Africa's first video conferencing, Gumzo.

Kenya startup launches Africa's first video conferencing, Gumzo.

Kenya’s Gaming tech start-up, Usiku Games has launched the first Made-in-Africa video conferencing system, Gumzo.

The platform comes at a time when there is a video conferencing has substituted normal human activities to control the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Gumzo is free for users to attend meetings, and will only cost Ksh.100 per week for those who want to host their own meetings. Users will be able to pay via Mpesa.

The company said the web-based system is very secure as all calls are encrypted ensuring that users’ calls are private and protected.

In order not to have unwanted visitors who intrude meetings, like the popular “zoombombing”, Gumzo uses local phone number verification and real-names to ensure a safe environment for the users.

Meeting hosts can review the live video, name, and phone number of each attendee before allowing them into the room.

Gumzo is Africa’s first innovation in video conferencing built by Kenyan developers who have expertise in the field of coding and system architecture.

Founder and CEO of Usiku Games, Jay Shapiro said, “We are glad to have built this video conferencing system here in Kenya for the continent. This is a turning point in Africa’s innovation since our users will be able to enjoy lower rates, longer talk time, and host many people at the same time without worrying about their security. We have invested heavily in security and creating a better experience compared to the overseas competition.

According to the founder users will enjoy better quality calls because of the low latency of the high-speed broadband in Africa.

“This is supported by the fact that our servers are right here in Africa, which allows for quick and seamless connections. The competition all host their servers in China / USA, so their video signals must go halfway around the planet via undersea cables, which takes time and degrades the “call quality”, Shapiro further stated, this enable African countries to retain the fees in local economies, compared to the competition that repatriates it off the continent.

“Since the existing players are all international companies, there are billions of shillings in fees from across Africa that is leaving the continent and into these companies’ coffers overseas exactly at a time when we need that money in the local economy. Gumzo will save it.”

In the near future, Gumzo will add the ability to connect to other social media platforms such as Facebook Live and YouTube Live to allow teachers, pastors, and community leaders to reach mass audiences.

Gumzo is compatible with both Android and IOS.