Kenya to host the 10th edition of Digital Rights and Inclusion Forum (DRIF) in 2023

Kenya to host the 10th edition of Digital Rights and Inclusion Forum (DRIF) in 2023

Mali and Chad, Ethiopia and Sudan, and countries virtually across Africa have witnessed internet censorship by the government.

In Nigeria, following a series of sanctions on the use of social media as well as triggers from the 2020 #endSARS protest that culminated in the Twitter ban, questions are being raised about freedom of expression in the country. As internet users grow rapidly due to the need for a digital globe, furrows against ineffective policies and abuse of digital rights must be addressed.

Internet Shutdowns in Africa
Data revealing internet shutdowns in Africa Source: AccessNow

Set up by Paradigm Initiative (PIN), the Digital Rights and Inclusion Forum (DRIF) is a session where policy experts and other concerned stakeholders take part in discussing issues relating to digital rights, inclusion and privacy in African countries and take actions to abate them.

According to a press statement by PIN, the upcoming program themed “Building A Sustainable Internet For All” will take place in Nairobi, Kenya from April 11-13, 2023. This will be the 10th edition of the program after it changed its name from Internet Freedom Forum (IFF) in 2019.

According to PIN’s Partnerships and Engagements Manager, Ms. Thobekile Matimbe: “DRIF has been instrumental in setting the tone as an arena for interrogating the digital environment in Africa, discussing global trends and presenting solutions for tackling challenges faced in the region.”

With an undisclosed specific venue yet to be announced, 300 delegates are expected to attend the in-person event in the city while over 200 delegates will join the pre-DRIF sessions.

A call for session proposals has been opened for members of the civil society, technical community, academia, government and the private sector. This will run from November 2, 2022, till December 31, 2022.