Kenyan Company "Raise" Launches Their Public Beta fundraising platform for African startups

Kenyan Company "Raise" Launches Their Public Beta fundraising platform for African startups

Raise, a Kenyan company has launched its public beta end-to-end fundraising platform for African startups in order to make fundraising easier and gives solutions to fundraising through its digital platform.

The platform also helps gives permits to founders and investors to open a personal virtual deal room, issue compliant electronic share, and convertible certificates.

The Alpha of this platform was launched by Raise in 2019 after founded in 2019 by Marvin Coleby and Eugene Mutai at the Africa Tech Summit in Kigali and its private beta was silently launched as well.

Raise has transacted a volume of over $20 million and is employed by startups and risk capital firms in Kenya and Nigeria since January 2020.

Some well-known partners and customers of the Kenyan company include Helium Health, which recently raised a $10 million Series A round, and risk capital firms Microtraction and Chrysalis Capital.

“At Raise, we’re founders – and we’re here to support founders. We’re releasing the general public beta to support the ecosystem’s transition to the new norm of remote investing. At Raise, our mission is to bring security, transparency, and ease to the African VC space – and really make the fundraising process easier and simpler for everybody,” said Coleby, Raise’s chief military officer (CEO).

According to Nichole Yembra, director of Chrysalis Capital, who manages fundraises for startups like Helium Health and Flutterwave, said Raise inspire more confidence and simplifies the fundraising process.

“We’ve seen the info about how it takes African startups 400+ days to boost funding and tons of the delays are available the due diligence process.

With Raise, companies can proactively load all the info investors usually want to ascertain, cap tables, formation documents, metrics, etc, which simply inspires more confidence and simplifies the fundraising process,” she said.

Now the beta program is public and it helps provides startups with fundraising solutions through a digital platform, and it has been designed to simplify the fundraising process and make it easier to trace and shut deals remotely in Africa.